India’s Acquisition of 200 6G Patents Ignites Launch of Bharat 6G Alliance by Centre

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3rd July 2023, Union Communications and Electronics & Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw Unveils Bharat 6G Alliance, Paving the Way for Next-Generation Technology in India. Further, Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, introduced the Bharat 6G Alliance on Monday 3rd July, marking a significant step towards launching the advanced technology following the successful implementation of 5G in the country. The alliance, comprising public and private sectors along with other departments, aims to foster the development of new telecom technology and drive the growth of 6G in India. Speaking at an event, the minister highlighted that India has secured over 200 patents for 6G technology. The upcoming 6G technology will build upon the foundation laid by 5G and offer notable enhancements including improved reliability, ultra-low latency, and cost-effective solutions, as stated by the minister.

Upcoming Telecom Reforms and the Potential of 6G: Bharat 6G Alliance to Shape Future Communication Landscape

In the following weeks, the government plans to introduce the next wave of telecom reforms, coinciding with the advent of 6G technology. With speeds expected to be nearly 100 times faster than 5G, 6G holds the potential to revolutionize communication and facilitate the development of innovative applications. The Bharat 6G Alliance will play a pivotal role in discussing and deliberating on various aspects of emerging telecom technologies and platforms that will shape the next decade.

In March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the visionary 6G document, underlining India’s commitment to embrace and lead in the 6G era. As highlighted by Devusinh Chauhan, Minister of State for Communications, India achieved a remarkable milestone in the rapid deployment of 5G networks, with the establishment of 2.70 lakh 5G sites within a span of nine months.

Prime Minister Modi has consistently emphasized that the 6G initiative will unlock new opportunities for innovators, industries, and startups. In March, he unveiled a comprehensive vision document outlining India’s ambitious plans to develop and launch 6G telecom services within a few years, showcasing the nation’s determination to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


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