MG Motor India Partners with Jio Platforms to Enhance Connected Car Features in MG Comet EV

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Date – 26 June, 2023

MG Motor India has recently joined forces with Jio Platforms, a leading digital services provider, to elevate the connected car experience in the newly launched MG Comet EV. Through this partnership, MG Comet EV owners can benefit from an integrated Hinglish Voice Assistant system powered by Jio’s robust digital assets. The collaboration aims to enhance in-car connectivity, convenience, and safety features, offering a seamless and enjoyable driving experience. As part of the collaboration, MG Motor India has embedded the MG Comet EV with the Hello Jio Voice Assistant, which is specifically trained to understand the various regional dialects and tonalities of Indian users. This voice assistant comes with a wide range of functionalities, including access to music apps, payment apps, connectivity platforms, and integrated hardware.

The Hello Jio Voice Assistant on the MG Comet EV is designed to be a versatile companion, capable of providing users with a plethora of information and services. Users can engage in natural conversations with the voice assistant, obtaining updates on cricket scores, weather conditions, news, horoscopes, and much more. Moreover, Comet EV owners can control certain in-car features such as the air conditioning system, play music, and even inquire about the latest cricket scores. In addition to the voice assistant integration, the MG Comet EV also comes equipped with Jio’s eSIM during the manufacturing process. This eSIM plays a vital role in enhancing vehicle safety and security. It enables seamless identification of the vehicle and encrypts communications while the car is in operation. By leveraging Jio’s robust network infrastructure, the Comet EV ensures reliable connectivity and enhanced safety measures for its owners.

The collaboration between MG Motor India and Jio Platforms sets a precedent for future partnerships between automakers and digital service providers. The integration of voice assistants and connectivity solutions into vehicles demonstrates the ongoing evolution of the automotive industry towards a more connected and technologically advanced future. Such collaborations have the potential to revolutionize the driving experience, making it more personalized, enjoyable, and efficient for users.

 The partnership between MG Motor India and Jio Platforms represents a significant step towards enhancing the connected car experience for MG Comet EV owners. By incorporating the Hello Jio Voice Assistant and leveraging Jio’s eSIM technology, the Comet EV provides users with a range of functionalities, from entertainment and information access to improved safety features. This collaboration exemplifies the growing synergy between automakers and digital service providers, ushering in a new era of connected and technologically advanced vehicles.


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