Honeywell Launched Soundbars for Immersive Audio Experience

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Cutting-edge technology and sleek design combine in the latest line of Honeywell soundbars from Secure Connection Limited

Hong Kong, June, 27, 2023

Secure Connection, the renowned electronic products manufacturer, has made an exciting announcement. They have officially launched their newest line of Honeywell branded soundbars, which promise to deliver an immersive audio experience to users worldwide. The Honeywell Suono P2000, Trueno U2000, and Trueno U3000 Soundbars are the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup, blending advanced technology with modern aesthetics.

These new soundbars have been developed to cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences and requirements. Each model offers unique features that enhance the audio quality and user experience. The Trueno U3000 160W Soundbar, for instance, boasts powerful 2.1 channel audio, further enriched by a dedicated subwoofer. This combination guarantees a truly dynamic and impactful sound. The Trueno U2000 120W Soundbar, on the other hand, offers a 2.1 channel system with a subwoofer, delivering deep and rich bass for a more immersive experience. Lastly, the Suono P2000 60W Soundbar provides users with crisp and crystal-clear sound quality through its 2.0 Channel Sound system. Not only do these soundbars provide exceptional audio performance, but they also offer practicality and aesthetics. Designed to be wall-mountable, they help maintain a clutter-free setup, ensuring a seamless integration with any home environment. Their ideal size makes them the perfect companion for LED TVs, creating a visually pleasing entertainment system.

Customizability is another key feature of these soundbars. The Triple EQ mode allows users to personalize their sound output according to their individual preferences, catering to both casual listeners and audiophiles. This ensures that every user can enjoy an audio experience that is tailored to their unique taste. Secure Connection has made these soundbars easily accessible to consumers through their extensive channel network, including e-commerce platforms and retailers. This availability provides customers with a wide range of options and convenient avenues for purchase.

Mohit Anand, the Chief Executive Officer of Secure Connection Limited, expressed his confidence in these groundbreaking products. He stated, “The Trueno U2000, Suono P2000, and Trueno U3000 are the result of months of dedicated effort by our product development teams. They set a new benchmark with their dynamic sound and sleek design. Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, there is a soundbar for every consumer. I am confident that our customers will notice an extraordinary enhancement to their audio experience with these remarkable products.”

Secure Connection’s global launch of the Honeywell soundbars brings cutting-edge technology and immersive audio experiences to consumers’ homes. With their sleek design, powerful audio capabilities, and customizable features, these soundbars are set to redefine home entertainment systems worldwide.


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