Cato Networks Disrupts Network Security Landscape with Cutting-Edge Real-Time, Machine Learning-Powered Protection

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On 27 June 2023, Cato Networks has introduced real-time, deep learning algorithms as part of its Cato IPS solution, revolutionizing threat prevention in network security. Leveraging its cloud-native platform and extensive data lake, Cato’s algorithms provide highly accurate identification of malicious domains used in phishing and ransomware attacks. Testing has shown that these deep learning algorithms can detect nearly six times more malicious domains than reputation feeds alone, making them a game-changer in the fight against cyber threats.
Traditional approaches to identifying malicious domains have proven inadequate due to the use of domain generation algorithms (DGAs) by attackers. These algorithms enable the rapid generation of new domains without any reputation, making them difficult to detect. Additionally, attackers often create domains that mimic well-known brands, further complicating detection. Cato’s real-time, deep learning algorithms overcome these challenges by analyzing user visit frequencies, letter patterns associated with DGAs, and webpage elements to accurately identify and block malicious domains.
Cato’s cloud-native architecture plays a vital role in enabling real-time deep learning algorithms without disrupting the user experience. The Cato SASE Cloud provides the necessary compute resources for seamless operation, allowing for the inspection of data flows, risk assessment of domains, and generation of results within milliseconds. Furthermore, Cato’s extensive data lake, enriched by over 250 threat intelligence feeds and custom analyses of customer traffic, serves as a valuable resource for training the deep learning models behind the algorithms, ensuring precise identification of suspicious domains.

The impact of Cato’s real-time deep learning algorithms is significant. In extensive testing, these algorithms demonstrated their superiority by identifying a vast number of previously undetected malicious domains. By enhancing threat detection capabilities by almost six-fold compared to reputation feeds alone, Cato is empowering organizations to effectively combat phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Combined with Cato’s multitiered security protection, which encompasses various security capabilities, the introduction of real-time, deep learning algorithms cements Cato Networks as a leader in network security innovation.
About Cato Networks:
Cato Networks is a leading provider of a comprehensive single-vendor SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform, combining their Cato SD-WAN and cloud-native security service edge, Cato SSE 360, into a unified global cloud service. Cato SASE Cloud offers optimized and secure application access for users and locations worldwide. With Cato, organizations can seamlessly transition from expensive and inflexible MPLS to a modern SD-WAN-based network architecture, ensuring secure and optimized connectivity for a hybrid workforce operating from any location. Cato enables smooth migration to the cloud, enforces fine-grained access policies, safeguards against threats, and prevents the loss of sensitive data, all managed effortlessly through a single intuitive interface. By choosing Cato, businesses can confidently embrace the future, prepared for any challenges that lie ahead.


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