iCreate has announced the launch of the third edition of its electric vehicle innovation challenge.

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iCreate Launches Third Edition of EVangelise 23, Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge

On Tuesday, iCreate, the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology, unveiled the third edition of its electric vehicle innovation challenge, EVangelise 23. The primary objective of this challenge is to discover and support start-ups that can address real-world issues within the EV ecosystem by providing indigenous solutions.

This year’s focus will be on identifying start-ups capable of developing electric vehicle components for four-wheelers, as well as heavy-duty mining and construction vehicles such as mining trucks, earthmovers, and crawler drill machines, according to iCreate CEO Avinash Punekar. The organization aims to reduce dependence on foreign technology and components for all classes of electric vehicles, which is one of the main challenges faced by the EV industry.

Punekar highlighted the progress made by start-ups in reducing dependence on foreign parts and technology, stating that they have already indigenized 85% of components used in electric vehicles, particularly two-wheelers and three-wheelers. However, this year’s focus is on expanding the development of components for four-wheelers and heavy vehicles.

To support start-ups in this domain, iCreate has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Technology Innovation in Exploration & Mining Foundation (TEXMiN), a mining technology innovation hub of the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad. Through this collaboration, start-ups will have the opportunity to work on electrifying mining equipment, including crawler drill machines and heavy-duty construction equipment. This initiative marks the first time in India that such large vehicles and equipment will be converted into electric-powered vehicles. Additionally, some start-ups will explore the possibility of retrofitting and electrifying existing fossil fuel-powered mining vehicles and equipment.

Punekar emphasized the importance of repurposing old vehicles and converting them into electric vehicles, especially in the mining industry. By retrofitting vehicles with good chassis and body conditions, it is possible to extend their lifecycle and contribute to decarbonizing the mining sector.

The launch of EVangelise 23 demonstrates iCreate’s commitment to promoting innovative solutions and nurturing start-ups that can address the challenges faced by the electric vehicle ecosystem.


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