Creaform introduces the most recent iteration of VXintegrity, its flagship software solution.

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Creaform, a prominent player in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, has unveiled an updated release of its renowned software solution, VXintegrity. This latest version provides non-destructive testing (NDT) service companies from various sectors with accessible surface damage assessment capabilities. Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing NDT technologies and serving a wide range of industries.

Introduced by Creaform in the previous year, VXintegrity stands as a robust non-destructive testing (NDT) software platform that seamlessly integrates comprehensive analytical functions and tools within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This solution caters to the needs of inspection teams and service companies, encompassing four distinct software modules. With a specific focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by asset owners in diverse industries like aerospace, oil & gas, power generation, and mining, VXintegrity proves to be a valuable asset in their operations.

A noteworthy enhancement in VXintegrity is its advanced algorithm, which eliminates the requirement for human intervention in surface analysis and guarantees consistently reliable outcomes. This upgraded algorithm surpasses the limitations of simpler algorithms, enabling inspection applications on intricate components like double-curvature geometries, elbow pipes, T-joints, valves, advanced nozzles, and boiler tubes that were previously challenging to assess. This development broadens the scope of possibilities for conducting comprehensive inspections and ensures accurate results across diverse and complex structures.

According to Creaform, the algorithm utilized in VXintegrity represents a groundbreaking approach to 3D surface assessments. The remarkable aspect of this algorithm is that it eliminates the need for a CAD model reference or any manual interventions with the data to identify the specific area of interest. This revolutionary feature streamlines the inspection process by automating critical tasks and enhances the efficiency and accuracy of surface assessments without relying on manual input or prior CAD models.

“Creaform’s dedication to the NDT market and their commitment to developing cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions for surface damage assessment is exemplified by the creation of their specialized NDT software platform,” remarked François Lachance, Product Manager at Creaform, regarding the launch of VXintegrity version 1.1. Lachance further emphasized the superiority of the newly reconstructed algorithm, asserting that it surpasses all other existing approaches in the market.

Since its initial release, VXintegrity has garnered positive feedback and a warm reception from numerous new customers. Jérome-Alexandre Lavoie, Director of Product Management at Creaform, expressed satisfaction with the solution’s performance and the belief shared by customers in the achievable return on investment from these technologies. Lavoie also highlighted the seamless integration of VXintegrity with Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D handheld scanner, which facilitates and expedites NDT workflows, even in the face of a competitive labor market. This comprehensive offering of powerful 3D scanners and integrated 3D measurement software reflects the value that Creaform brings to the industry.


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