GE Aerospace and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited have signed an MOU, to manufacture fighter jet engines for the Indian Air Force.

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GE Aerospace has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to produce fighter jet engines for the Indian Air Force, marking a significant milestone during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official state visit to the United States and a critical component in strengthening bilateral defence cooperation.

The deal calls for the possible collaborative manufacturing of GE Aerospace’s F414 engines in India, and GE Aerospace is working with the US government to obtain the requisite export authorization. The endeavour is part of the Light Combat Aircraft Mk2 programme of the Indian Air Force.

“This is a historic agreement made possible by our longstanding partnership with India and HAL,” H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., Chairman and CEO of GE and CEO of GE Aerospace, remarked. “We are honoured to contribute to President Biden and Prime Minister Modi’s vision of closer cooperation between the two countries.” Our F414 engines are unparalleled, and we will provide significant economic and national security benefits to both countries as we assist our clients in producing the finest quality engines to satisfy the needs of their military fleet.”

For more than four decades, GE Aerospace has been active in the Indian aerospace industry, providing engines, avionics, services, engineering, manufacturing, and local sourcing. Aside from potential new work in India, a number of US sites presently supporting work on the F414 engine will experience increased activity as a result of today’s decision. In 1986, GE began collaborating with the Aeronautical Development Agency and HAL to help construct India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) powered by F404 engines. Following that, GE Aerospace’s F404 and F414 were involved in the development and manufacture of the LCA Mk1 and LCA Mk2 programmes. 75 F404 engines have been delivered, with another 99 on order for the LCA Mk1A. Eight F414 engines have been delivered as part of an ongoing LCA Mk2 development programme.

The agreement would get GE Aerospace closer to fulfilling its earlier promise to build 99 engines for the Indian Air Force as part of the LCA Mk2 programme. It positions the company well to build a family of products in India, including the F404 engine, which presently powers the LCA Mk1 and LCA Mk1A aircraft, and GE Aerospace’s selection for the AMCA program’s prototype development, testing, and certification with our F414-INS6 engine. Furthermore, GE will continue to work with the Indian government on the AMCA Mk2 engine programme.


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