P&G has formed a partnership with Lazada to introduce a personalized hair care microsite

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On 6th June 2023

Procter & Gamble, a renowned fast-moving consumer goods company based in Ohio, United States, has recently unveiled a haircare microsite called #HairDNA. This innovative platform is designed to address consumers’ most pressing hair concerns by providing expert advice from some of the world’s leading haircare brands. The microsite will be exclusively available on Lazada, which is Southeast Asia’s pioneering e-commerce platform. Through #HairDNA, P&G aims to offer personalized solutions and expert guidance to users, helping them achieve their desired hair goals. P&G’s introduction of #HairDNA on Lazada signifies the company’s first retailer partnership in Southeast Asia, specifically tailored for the Lazada platform. This partnership aims to provide consumers with a comprehensive destination for all the haircare needs, which is allowing the customers to explore new products and revamp the haircare routines conveniently from their homes. By venturing into this initiative, P&G aims to position itself as a frontrunner and industry leader in the haircare category, demonstrating its commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences.

The newly launched #HairDNA microsite on Lazada serves as a platform for shoppers to uncover their unique hair needs and receive personalized recommendations for the most suitable products and haircare regimens. Through interactive features such as quiz-like questions, consumers can identify their current hair challenges and provide relevant information to the microsite. Based on their responses, personalized product recommendations are generated, offering solutions to a variety of hair problems. This personalized approach aims to assist consumers in finding the most effective haircare solutions tailored to their specific needs and concerns.

Aim of the partnership

The implementation of #HairDNA will enable P&G to cultivate a stronger bond with its customers by offering a personalized experience and enhancing one-to-one interactions. By providing recommendations and solutions to individual needs and preferences, P&G aims to establish deeper connections with its consumers. Additionally, this initiative will contribute to driving greater penetration for P&G’s premium beauty segment, as the microsite will showcase a range of high-quality haircare products, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional beauty solutions.

M&S started a partnership with Handle under Beauty Take Back Scheme

On 12th June 2023

Marks & Spencer (M&S), a prominent British retailer, has launched a takeback scheme in partnership with packaging recycler Handle. This initiative is designed to facilitate the recycling of empty beauty containers. Customers will have the opportunity to return various types of plastic or aluminum beauty packaging, regardless of the retailer they purchased them from. Dedicated boxes will be provided where customers can conveniently deposit their empty containers. By implementing this takeback scheme, M&S aims to encourage responsible recycling practices and contribute to reducing waste in the beauty industry.

The initiative introduced by M&S, in partnership with Handle, is expected to gather more than two metric tons of empty beauty packaging within its initial 12-month period. The program will be available at the beauty sections of 40 M&S stores in the United Kingdom. The aim of the initiative is to establish a circular system for M&S beauty, where materials collected through the takeback scheme will be used to create new products and packaging. By implementing this circular approach, M&S strives to promote sustainability and contribute to the reduction of waste in the beauty industry.

M&S highlights that packaging represents one of the beauty industry’s most significant sustainability challenges. It refers to data from the UK government, which indicates that recycling rates in the country vary between 9% and 50%. This data underscores the importance of taking proactive measures to improve recycling and reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste. By implementing the takeback scheme in partnership with Handle, M&S aims to contribute to higher recycling rates and promote a more sustainable approach to beauty packaging within the industry.

Carmel McQuaid, the head of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) at M&S, emphasizes that plastic is a significant challenge for the beauty industry. While acknowledging that there is still much work to be done, she expresses hope that the takeback scheme will motivate customers to recycle their empty beauty containers. By giving these containers a second life through recycling, the initiative aims to minimize the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills. M&S is committed to addressing the environmental impact of plastic waste and promoting responsible practices within the beauty industry.

How would the initiative will work

To commemorate the launch of the takeback scheme, M&S is providing an incentive for its Sparks members. Sparks members will receive a 10% discount on their purchase when they participate in the program. To avail of this offer, customers can scan a QR code displayed on the Beauty Takeback box in-store. Once scanned, the discount will be added to their Sparks Hub, allowing them to enjoy the discounted price when purchasing beauty products. This incentive aims to encourage customers to actively participate in the takeback scheme and promote sustainable practices while rewarding their loyalty as Sparks members.


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