Collins Aerospace, a division of Raytheon Technologies, has been chosen to take part in numerous EU SESAR air traffic management projects

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June 12, 2023

Collins Aerospace, a business under Raytheon Technologies, has been chosen to contribute to eight projects within the European Union’s SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking. The SESAR 3 JU, formed by collaboration between European private and public partners, strives to expedite the implementation of the Digital European Sky by developing innovative technologies to regulate conventional aircraft, drones, air taxis, and high-altitude vehicles.

As part of the initiative, Collins will collaborate with various stakeholders in the air traffic management industry, including air navigation service providers, airlines, aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system providers, and academic institutions. Together, they will drive advancements in crucial technology domains such as connectivity, U-space, trajectory-based operations, airport solutions, autonomy, and data services. Collins will take the lead on the JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) project, which aims to utilize artificial intelligence-based technologies to automate flight deck and control tower operations, thereby reducing workload for pilots and operators and improving safety and security.

Mauro Atalla, senior vice president of Engineering & Technology for Collins, expressed confidence in their extensive expertise in avionics and air traffic management. He highlighted their commitment to collaborating with industry partners under the EU’s SESAR 3 JU to shape the future of European airspace. Working together, they aim to create innovative solutions that will lay the groundwork for a more efficient, safe, and secure aviation system.

About Collins Aerospace

As a part of Raytheon Technologies, the world’s largest aerospace and defense company, Collins Aerospace is supported by a global team of 73,000 employees. Together, we envision, create, and provide advanced solutions that enhance passenger safety and comfort, ensure mission success, drive space exploration, and improve operational efficiency and sustainability. Our mission is to transform powerful aerospace concepts into tangible realities.

About Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies stands as the largest aerospace and defense company worldwide, driven by a dedicated global workforce of 180,000 employees. We constantly push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, revolutionizing the way we connect and safeguard our planet. Our endeavors encompass advancements in aviation, the development of intelligent defense systems, and pioneering innovations to explore the depths of space. With $67 billion in sales achieved in 2022, our headquarters are located in Arlington, Virginia.

About SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking is a collaborative initiative between public and private sector partners in Europe, aimed at expediting the implementation of the Digital European Sky through research and innovation. Its primary focus is to utilize and promote state-of-the-art technological solutions for managing conventional aircraft, drones, air taxis, and high-altitude vehicles.


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