UK residential development Miller’s Quay passes significant building milestone

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Date:- 13 June, 2023

For students at the nearby Wirral Met College, the initiative will give on-site learning opportunities and job experience.

On Thursday, June 8, Wirral Council, Homes England, the project’s funding partner, Wirral Waters developer Peel L&P, as well as staff and students from Wirral Met College, gathered to celebrate the ‘topping out’ of the largest development to date at the largest and most environmentally friendly regeneration project in the UK.  The transformative residential development has reached its greatest phase of construction thanks to the topping out ceremony. Aside from its high levels of sustainability, Miller’s Quay also offers the community a wide choice of distinctive learning and job options, as well as 100 new, affordable residences.

319 students from Wirral Met College have already benefited from the ‘live’ classroom on its doorstep since construction got underway in July last year. There, pupils are participating in a variety of activities and picking up a variety of skills.

Wirral Met College has been able to evaluate its curriculum to ensure that its provision is properly connected to the needs and demands throughout the current construction industry by working with the firms involved in the larger Wirral Waters regeneration project. The building of Miller’s Quay is also offering students with work experience opportunities, giving them a real understanding of how the industry functions and the degree of interaction that occurs amongst trades in a large-scale rehabilitation project.

Wirral Waters’ Richard Mawdsley, Director of Development, stated: “With the topping out of Miller’s Quay, we have achieved an exciting milestone. This has been a wonderful day to take stock of everything that has been accomplished thus far and to recognise the huge social impact that this project is already having on the neighbourhood, made possible by the solid collaboration that Peel L&P, GRAHAM, PIC, and Wirral Met College have built.

“Over the past ten months, I have been extremely happy and humbled to watch the students actively engaged in their education while working on-site and to know that they are learning about cutting-edge, environmentally friendly construction techniques for these new, resource- and energy-efficient homes.

“Millers Quay is an important part of Wirral’s wider regeneration ambitions, which stretch from Bromborough through Birkenhead and Wirral Waters, Seacombe and Liscard to New Brighton and shows the how we are delivering on our brownfield first approach to boosting the borough and providing homes, jobs, and prosperity,” said Cllr. Paul Stuart, leader of Wirral Council. We show that Wirral might be the ideal location for establishing and expanding families and enterprises.


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