Through a collaboration with Google Cloud, has introduced Skye, a generative AI application.

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June 19, 2023 12:49

According to the company, this partnership enables marketers to enhance and streamline their influencer marketing campaigns through effective optimization., a leading influencer marketing platform, has recently unveiled Skye, an innovative application tailored for influencer marketing purposes. The company proudly claims Skye to be the world’s first AI companion explicitly designed for influencer marketers. and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI PaLM API have joined forces to enhance the AI capabilities of Skye,’s influencer marketing application. This partnership aims to incorporate cutting-edge technology into influencer marketing, enabling marketers to optimize and streamline their campaigns effectively.

Sherie Ng, the country director of Google Cloud Singapore, commented on the collaboration, stating that’s integration of its proprietary database with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI powers Skye, transforming influencer marketing processes and generating tangible value for customers. The collaboration represents a commitment to bold and responsible AI innovation and opens up new industry use cases.

Skye, an AI-powered influencer marketing solution, combines technology and expertise to enhance campaign performance. It offers various features:

Magic search: Utilizes AI to find accurate influencers based on search criteria, supporting 100 languages. Users can search for influencers based on aesthetic style by uploading an image or mood board, with Skye finding influencers with a similar visual style.

Lookalike recommendations: Expands influencer discovery by providing a list of influencers similar to a chosen influencer based on specific criteria.

Converse: Users can engage in a chat with Skye to improve search results and gain further insights.

Drafts Email: Skye automates the process of drafting personalized influencer collaboration emails, which users can review and approve.

Vigilant assistant: Reviews uploaded content from influencers to ensure brand consistency and identify any potential issues.

Comment Reviewer: Monitors influencer post comments and promptly alerts users to negative comments that may require attention to protect the brand.

About is an influencer marketing platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to assist marketers in optimizing and streamlining their influencer marketing campaigns. The platform offers various features to enhance campaign performance, including AI-powered influencer search, lookalike recommendations, conversational capabilities, automated email drafting, content review, and comment monitoring. With its proprietary database and integration with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, aims to provide marketers with powerful tools and insights for effective influencer marketing strategies. The platform’s focus on combining AI technology with influencer marketing expertise sets it apart in the industry.


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