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Europe, Japan sign massive free trade deal

The EU and Japan signed a sweeping free trade deal that officials called a “clear message” against protectionism, as Washington imposes controversial tariffs and threatens a trade war.  The deal signed in Tokyo by the EU’s top officials and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the biggest ever negotiated by […]

India inaugurates largest visa centre in Bangladesh

India inaugurated its largest visa center in the world in Dhaka today to reduce the waiting time for applicants. Bangladeshis constitute one of the largest numbers of visitors from a single country to India. Last year, India the country issued 1.4 million visas to Bangladeshi nationals, BD News reported. Visiting […]

Global Innovation Index ranks India the 57th most innovative nation

The Global Innovation Index (GII) has ranked India as the 57thmost innovative nation in the world. The country has improved its ranking from 60th position last year. India has been improving steadily since it was ranked 81st in 2015. Meanwhile, China improved its ranking from 22 in 2017 to 17 […]

China gives Pakistan two patrol ships

China on Saturday handed over two patrol ships to the Pakistani Navy at Gwadar Port towards the security of the facility and the China-Pakistan economic corridor, Dawn reported.  Two more ships “Dasht” and “Zhob” are currently being developed, and are expected to be handed over soon. “The ships have become part of the Pakistan Navy from […]

China to provide $20 Billion to Arab States for Economic development

    BEIJING CHINA: China will provide $ 20 billion to Arab states in loans for economic development, President Xi Jinping told top Arab officials today, as Beijing seeks to increase its influence in the Middle East and Africa. The Money will be given for “Projects that will produce new employment […]

It’s war: China, US trade blows through tariffs

The United States and China hiked tariffs on billions of dollars of each other’s goods, launching what Beijing called the “biggest trade war in economic history” in a spiraling dispute over technology.  The Trump administration is confronting Beijing over development tactics it says include stealing or pressuring foreign companies to […]

Trade war is on! Donald Trump confirms tariffs on China

U.S. President Donald Trump is firing the biggest shot yet in the global trade war by imposing tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports, delivering on a promise to his political supporters that risks provoking retaliation and harming the world economy.  Trump said the duties on Chinese goods will go […]

Canadian Visa Rule Changes to Benefit Indian Students

Students from India and three other countries will get faster visas to study in Canada as it has introduced major changes in visa procedures to reduce the processing time. The Canadian move comes at a time when the UK’s government has decided to exclude Indian students from easier visa norms.   Immigration, […]

World applauds as Saudi Women take on the wheel

Saudi women all set to get behind the wheels. As Saudi Arabia allows its women to drive from Sunday. It will be a historic day for all 15.1 million women in Saudi after spending 60 years stuck in the passenger seat. In the Gulf kingdom for the first time legally women […]

China proposed a trilateral summit to settle boundary issues between India and Pakistan.

China has proposed a trilateral meeting with India and Pakistan to settle the boundary issues in between the tree countries.Speaking at a Seminar in New Delhi on “How Far and Fast Can China-India Relations Go” Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui appealed for a joint effort to maintain peace across the India-China […]