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Tesla sues Ontario over scrapped rebate

Tesla has sued the government of Ontario, Canada after the province scrapped a rebate initiative for purchases of electric cars. Upon assuming power last July, Premier Doug Ford’s conservative government announced the end of several green energy programmes, including several thousands of dollars in rebates for electric-car buyers.  Tesla said […]

Indian television market heads for a price war

The battle of the box is reminiscent of the battle of phones, but the number of players is perhaps more and the price war more intense in India’s television market. There are about 70 TV brands in India now, double the number just two years back. Prices on average have already […]

TV broadcasters, advertising agencies at odds over ad discounts

A tussle is brewing between TV broadcasters and advertising agencies over discounted rates being offered to advertisers. The broadcasters claim they are not being consulted when agencies discount ad rates while pitching for business to clients (advertisers) and this has resulted in stagnation of advertising rates and adversely affected business. With total […]