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Paid Distributions

Paid distribution is a quick and easy solution in the press release distribution sector as it helps companies reach their news releases strategically to specific media outlets, reporters, editors and online and offline publication resources that are relevant to their business niche. Press release distribution focuses on a select target media segment can yield significantly better results and in a cost-effective manner.

Global News Information (GNI) offers one of the best-paid distribution services. We do not mindlessly distribute your news releases on all available online and offline news channels, instead, we utilize a unique machine learning solution to categorize relevant audience and then we distribute newsletters and notification to our website for the news articles. This ensures that any of the paid distribution done by the clients are being read by the most appropriate audience.

What Makes GNI The Best option for Paid Distribution?

We help gain better exposure among the targeted audience at budget-friendly prices.
We go beyond the web to make use of every available resource to get your news across your target market
You can be sure your news is available to every media outlet relevant to your niche

Our experts target qualified audience to ensure maximum visibility for your brands within your targeted market segment. We sharply focus on delivering your news to those who are keen to know about the latest developments in your business, market segment, and industry.

Our media contact list for your niche is continuously updated by an alert and enterprising staff to make sure your publicity efforts bear optimum results without wastage of money or time. Reaching out to topic specific media outlets is our specialty and we do it in a professional manner by complying with all the rules and guidelines of the industry.

Global News Information is the preferred press release distribution service of top companies across various industry sectors as our target media distribution services give you the power to maximize the results from your public relations, media relations, and search strategies.