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China gives Pakistan two patrol ships

China gives Pakistan two patrol ships to help secure their economic corridor and Gwadar port

China on Saturday handed over two patrol ships to the Pakistani Navy at Gwadar Port towards the security of the facility and the China-Pakistan economic corridor, Dawn reported. 

Two more ships “Dasht” and “Zhob” are currently being developed, and are expected to be handed over soon.

“The ships have become part of the Pakistan Navy from today and the (Pakistan) navy would become stronger with the induction of these maritime vessels,”Arifullah Hussaini.

According to a press release, the induction of the two ships will improve Pakistan navy battel capacity and will also play a significant role in any time security operation in the region.

Among other, the ceremony was attended by a high ranking official and dignitaries from China Pakistan navy and government authorities.

 Recently reports have surfaced that China is building a second overseas naval base, one in Pakistan.