Global Blow Molded Plastics Market

Blow Molding plastics are made by a molding process, heating a thermoplastic resin and solidifying the molded plastic by cooling. Blowing Molded Plastics have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing of toys, bottles, air ducts in automobiles, chemical & gasoline tanks, household goods, and others. Moreover, it is a high demand in the […]

Global Plastic Fasteners Market

Plastic fasteners are fundamentally the plastic parts that are used to join or fix two objects together. Plastic screws, nuts, bolts, threaded rods, washers, and balls are examples of plastic fasteners. These are manufactured utilizing two methods mainly plastic and machining molding. They present corrosion resistance and high durability. Increasing investments in residential and non-residential […]

Global Plastic Fence Market

A plastic fence is made using synthetic plastic such as vinyl, polypropylene, nylon, polythene ASA or recycled plastics. The key factor is the shifting consumer preference towards renovation and remodeling in the residential sector. Increased spending on infrastructure in private and public construction is propelling the growth of the market. According to the United States […]