Global Medical Foods Market

Medical foods are principally formulated foods, that are taken orally or by tube under the supervision of health professionals to provide the nutrients to patients not present in a normal diet, for the management of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, nutritional deficiency, depression, and others. Increasing prevalence of malnutrition, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, growing geriatric population, and […]

Global Beverage Additives Market

Beverage Additives are added to the beverages during the manufacturing process or while stored in order to preserve the quality of the product, to enhance product consistency, color, flavor, and freshness. The global Beverages Additives market is being driven by growing product launches with unique innovations such as natural additives. For instance, in 2018, a […]

Global Agave Syrup Market

Agave Syrup is produced from the agave plant through its nectar. It acts as a sweetener and is produced naturally. The global Agave Syrup market is being driven by growing demand for healthy sweetener products. Another major driving factor for the market is the introduction of the new products by the manufacturers. For instance, in […]

Global Grapefruit Market

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that has a sour to semi-sweet flavor. It is a citrus hybrid, the consequence of an unintentional cross between two citrus species, pomelo, and sweet orange. It has a water content of 92 percent, making it one of the fruits with the greatest water content. The grapefruit market is being […]

Global Spices and Seasonings Market

Spices and Seasonings ingredients have antioxidant agent properties and are used in treating some infections and medical conditions. For example, turmeric is a rich wellspring of cell reinforcements and helps in forestalling diseases such as Alzheimer’s, joint aggravation, and malignancy. Also, cumin seeds contain disinfectant attributes and help in boosting market growth. These seasoning and […]

Global Plant-Based Meat Market

Plant-Based Meat products are made to mimic properties found within natural meats and are considered to be meat substitutes. Compared to meat products, plant-based meats offer consumers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lineup of meat alternatives. They’re usually made from extracted plant protein or whey protein, spices, and binding ingredients. While they typically are […]

Global Cultured Meat Market

The cultured meat is produced by taking a number of cells from an animal and growing them in a medium that is very rich in nutrients. These cells have the capability of multiplying to a great extent that every single cell can be used to manufacture a good amount of meat. Factors such as increasing […]

Global Livestock and Meat Market

Any breed of animal raised for a commercial purpose is considered livestock. Domestic, semi-domestic, and wild animals all fall under this category. Livestock has long been used as a source of labor, and this practice continues in emerging economies. Animals’ strength has been crucial in the development of many technologies. The main drivers of ruminant […]

Global A2 Milk (DAS) Market

A2 milk is a mixture of a specific variety of cow’s milk which lacks β-casein proteins called A1 and mostly comprises of A2 protein. The market will see an upsurge in demand due to the growing market share of dairy products and rising awareness about the benefits of A2 milk. Infant food & milk formula […]

Global Milk Powder Market

Milk powder is produced by dehydration of milk and stored without substantial loss of quality due to a low water activity that hampers microbial metabolism, preferably for a significant amount of time. It is obtained mainly by roller drying and spray drying methods and used as an ingredient for a wide range of applications such […]

Chocolate Global Market

The Chocolate Market is continuously growing across the world over the coming years. Chocolate is food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery. It is the most well-known, consumed, and profitable component of the confectionery industry across the world. Based […]

Global Cocoa Beans Market

Rapidly rising chocolate industries in emerging economies, including China and India, are expected to fuel demand for cocoa beans as intermediates. According to Statista, the average per capita consumption stands at 4.3 kg in 2020 in China. The increasing importance of coating for improved flavoring in the processing of vegetables, fruit and cereals is projected […]