Global Smart Home Market 2021-2027

A smart home is a comprehensive concept that refers to a variety of home devices connected to the Internet, such as wearable devices, fashion accessories, and electronic devices. Smart homes not only take over basic functions such as turning off lights, darkening, and closing curtains, but also perform complex functions such as automatically illuminating evacuation […]

Global Smart Mirror Market 2021-2027

A smart mirror is a multifunctional mirror that has an electronic display screen, placed behind the glass. The display provides the viewer with different information like time, date, weather, and news updates. This mirror is useful for the person who wants to stay informed while doing work or wants to multitask. Smart mirrors have become […]

Global Humanoid Robots Market

Humanoid robots are robots that usually be similar to the body shape and attributes of humans, like the capability to walk in an upright position. Humanoid robots also possess a physical appearance similar to that of a human, which includes a head, two arms, and two legs. These robots often have the attribute of autonomous […]